Exploring the Weather in Gulfport, Mississippi: A Guide for Visitors

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is renowned for its temperate climate throughout the year, with short winters and long summers. The hot season usually lasts from May 23 to September 27, with an average daily high temperature of 84°F. July is the hottest month in Gulfport, with an average high of 90°F and a low of 75°F. August is usually the hottest month in Biloxi, while June and July are also quite warm. In summer, temperatures range from 75 to 90°F.

July is the wettest month and averages seven inches of rain. During this season, Biloxi hosts several major festivals such as concerts at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and the South Mississippi Summer Fair. Visitors can also enjoy the Our Lady of the Gulf Crab Festival or the annual Biloxi Seafood Festival. Smokin' the Sound Poker Run is a great way to spend time on the water and have some friendly competition. When November arrives, temperatures drop in Biloxi.

Temperatures during this season are mild and usually range between 40 and 65°F. This is one of the best times to visit the area, especially if you want to avoid large crowds. The Gulf of Mexico breeze makes Biloxi cooler than other parts of Mississippi. Based on this score, the best times of year to visit Gulfport for activities in warm climates are from early May to late June and from late August to early October, with a maximum score in the third week of May. In December 1993, the city was annexed 85 square kilometers (33 square miles) north of Gulfport, making it the second largest city in Mississippi.