Exploring the Delicious Cuisine of Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport, Mississippi is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. From its art and craft festivals to its unique cuisine, there is something for everyone in this charming Southern town. One of the most popular events in Gulfport is the Zonta Arts & Craft Festival, which takes place in downtown Pascagoula. This festival features some of the most renowned artists of the region and offers fantastic food of all kinds, fresh seafood, craft vendors, attractions for children and live music.

The Fourth of July Jubilee is another popular event in Gulfport. This celebration begins on July 1 at noon in downtown Long Beach and features festival food trucks and a parade that begins at 1 p.m. Before the live music performances at 6 p.m., visitors can enjoy the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival with the best selection of chefs, gourmet delights, wines, craft cocktails and entertainment. The Jackson County Fair in Pascagoula is another great event to experience the best of Gulfport's cuisine.

This fair features delicious Southern cuisine, ethnic dishes, and unique exhibits and costumes that reflect the melting pot of cultures in Mississippi. David Crabtree, an executive chef and restaurant owner who grew up in Southern Mississippi, will make his second appearance as a Mississippi chef at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival this year. The Hattiesburg area is also home to some great culinary experiences. The city's growing collection of murals and public art installations are evidence of its growing creative economy.

Cooper Miller, an executive chef and restaurant owner who combines his roots in Mississippi with the skills he acquired while attending Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta and working alongside some of the best chefs in the Southeast, is one of Hattiesburg's culinary stars. The 4-H Clans Festival in Mecca is another great opportunity to sample some of Gulfport's best cuisine. Hundreds of volunteers prepare for the thousands of festival-goers every year on the 4th of July weekend at Bay St. The annual Jazz in the Pass music festival offers visitors the chance to enjoy sensational live music while becoming better acquainted with the charming center of Pass Christian. The Picayune Street Festival is now held twice a year and offers top-notch entertainment, collectibles and activities, all wrapped up in the southern charm of historic downtown Picayune. From authentic Texan breakfasts to gourmet sausages, these Gulf Coast restaurants are spreading across the state. Gulfport is a great destination for those looking to explore some of Mississippi's best cuisine.

From art and craft festivals to old-fashioned carnivals and music festivals, there are plenty of opportunities to sample some delicious local dishes.